Improve Training Participation

Do 96% of your employees complete their training?

That’s the number CSI delivers to our clients.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You can’t take people off the job for training
  • Learning in the organizations is like drinking from a fire hose
  • Your off the shelf training is too generic
  • There’s no follow up

All of this leads to low participation, high drop out, and general dissatisfaction with the training programs in place.

Engage leaders in only 15-20 minutes per week

Our research shows that leaders need training to learn how to recognize employees, practice to develop skills, and a systematic way to recognize people for results.

Read more about our Layered LearningTM modules and you’ll see how to apply the research-based, common sense tools and training from CSI to create an employee recognition program tailored to your organization.

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